Trinna Krin

Slave girl to a Sith Lord and prospected Sith apprentice.


Character Name – Trinna Krin
Concept – Slave girl to a Sith Lord and prospected Sith apprentice
Lifepaths – Born Peasant, Lead to College of Magic, Supplicant, Lead to Professional Soldier, Scout, Lead to Servitude & Captive, Harem Slave
Age – 22


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B5 B3 B4 B4 B2 B6


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Stride Hatred Bogah
B5 B3 B10 B10 5 B0 B2 7 B4 B6
PTGS Su: B4 Li: B6 Mi: B7 Se: B8 Tr: B9 Mo: B10


  • Animal Husbandry B2
  • Brutal Intimidation B2
  • Command B2
  • Conspicuous B2
  • Crossbow B2
  • Etiquette B2
  • Extortion B2
  • Falsehood B2
  • Inconspicuous B2
  • Interrogation B2
  • Knives B2
  • Observation B2
  • Meditation B2
  • Poisonous Platitudes B3
  • Rule of Law B1
  • Read B1
  • Seduction B5
  • Sorcery B3
  • Stealthy B2
  • Sword B2
  • Write B1


  1. I both fear and rely on my master; I must serve his wishes. I will free the assassin, and have him kill lord Adoy.
  2. I am too weak and vulnerable; I must find a way to protect myself, but all options left to me require wealth. I will convince Isscar to allow me to invest some of my money in the cargo of the Century Hawk, so I will benefit from its sales when we come into port.
  3. I was a fool to ignore Logan’s warnings on The Way; now I must learn Logan’s secrets, lest The Way kill me. I will gain Logan’s trust by helping him securing the items he seems to need.


  1. I am weak, fragile, and The Way nearly killed me; always yield in a straight up physical confrontation, and never use The Way in force.
  2. My only defense is avoiding danger through awareness; always perceive the world using The Way so nothing can surprise me.
  3. I have a darker side that people disapprove of; always project perfect innocence when caught doing mischief.

Gear – Clothes, Crossbow, Dagger, Shoes, 2D Cash on Hand

Property – 1D Fund (Century Hawk Figurine)

Affiliations -

Reputations -

Relationships – Sith Lord Master (Powerful, forbidden, hateful/rival)

Traits – [C-O] Back-Breaking Labor, [Char] Drop-Dead Gorgeous, [Dt] Fey Blood, [Dt] Frail: Power, [Dt] Gifted, [Dt] Life is Death, [Dt] Loathsome and Twisted, [Dt] Mortally Wounded: Power, [Dt] Numb, [C-O] Sonorous Voice, [Dt] Trouble Breathing: -2D Forte

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS
Crossbow B4 B8 B11 - 2 -
Dagger B1 B3 B4 1 - X

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield
2 May Great Strike


  • Animal Husbandry 1xC
  • Bogah 1xD
  • Brutal Intimidation 1xC
  • Circles 1xC
  • Command 1xC
  • Falsehood 1xC
  • Forte 2xD, 1xC
  • Hatred 1xR
  • Health 2xD, 1xC
  • Interrogation 1xD
  • Knives 1xD
  • Lock Pick 1xR
  • Observation 1xC
  • Perception 1xD
  • Poisonous Platitudes 1xR, 1xC, 1xD
  • Rule of Law 1xC
  • Sleight of Hand 1xR
  • Sorcery 2xR, 1xD
  • Torture 1xR

Trinna Krin

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